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Logikaline´s communication experience at Deusto University


Logikaline´s communication experience at Deusto University

The manager of Logikaline, Iñaki Goristidi recently has given a conference in the Deusto University. The obaim of this was centred in the exposure of the communication strategy of Logikaline, for this reason it received the invitation of the Department of Communication of the Faculty of Social Science and Human Resources. We know with priority that our way of communication strategy was been object of study in the class rooms of Deusto, but this time one wished to hear on first stage the exposure of our experience; an invitation we  have accepted with great enthusiasm.

In the conference, have been analysed different facts of our communication strategy, for example, the importance of our webpage, the different modalities of publicity with we have worked with, the way we work out the communication towards our clients and who are not,.etc.  Iñaki Goristidi has educated himself in these classes of Deusto and  intended to identify himself with the pupils with which he was dealing with, communicating the following message: for 20 years and a half ago the other devastating economic crisis, in the same place ,he had the same uncertainty. After he had finished his university career and learned after various job experience, he obtained his own way with temper and determination. Later than emphasize the importance to be autonomous and self-critical, to transmit the idea which in spite of the crisis, revolving situations is possible , taking out the value of one and other, having the confidence in oneself and to look forward to the future, in stead of searching some one to blame.

The experience has been valuable for Logikaline, it has showed on one hand to obtain the value of the model of how Logikaline works, after the reflection of our own strategy, on the other hand it helped to detect points to improve.

We like to thanks for the invitation and on the same time remind that our doors are opened for everybody interested in Logikaline, because that one of our pillars of our strategy, showing who we are, with absolutely transparence.