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Services Company from Gipuzkoa Award


Services Company from Gipuzkoa Award

This Friday was not a common Friday, we have gone to work in Abaltzisketa, we have faced the daily difficulties, and we have shared the daily sweet moments as usual, but in the noon, we have droved to Donostia. As every year The Chamber oF Gipuzkoa was awarding the best companies in the province, and this year we are among the nominees on the Services company section.

Saying we were calmed before the ceremony would be a lie, the tension was quite obvious among the group. The event has started and the firs award, our category, faced and pictures we knoew perfectly on the wide screen, and Iñaki Gorostidi, Logikaline´s general manager has been called to the stage…Price is ours!!

The event has gone on, and more companies awarded, Eyher from Andoain as Industrial PYME, Goizper from Antzuola as best internalization and the main award, Gipuzkoa Enpresa, for Ternua Group from Arrasate.

We have had the chance to enjoy the award, to take pictures,…and we will place it in Abaltzisketa next monday so everyone can see and share it. Miguel de Cervantes said that every well done job deserves a price, we will understand the price that way, the way we will follow starting today.

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