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Multilingual Contact Center


Logikaline offers multilingual telephone answering service platforms. These platforms are mainly concerned with telephone answering but also make immediate attention through other channels possible, for example: e-mail, web, chat, sms… in accordance with the new law which is soon to come in force and which will also oblige companies to provide a service of this type 24 hours a day

The staff at Logikaline is trained to answer enquiries made by customers or citizens through different channels with good oral and written skills. 24 hour multilingual platforms are organized to cover as many languages as possible: English, French, German, Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Portuguese… offering a total guarantee of reliability to companies and institutions wishing to outsource this service.



  • Independent channels are opened up for enquiries, complaints and suggestions made by customers and citizens in the languages required.
  • The ability to outsource the service for a particular campaign.
  • Having an answering service at times and on days when there is no staff present (weekends, nights, holidays, etc.).


  • 1

    A multinational company from the elevator sector.

  • 2

    Providing a helpline for customers who require technical assistance and attending to emergency calls.

  • 3

    Establish a 24x7x365, multilingual platform within the company itself.


  • A reduction in HR costs.
  • Unification of protocol procedures
  • Improvement in the perception of the answering service on the part of customers.
  • Optimization of material, technical and human resources.